Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tim Bolen sued by Aetna

Tim Bolen sued by Aetna in Cavitat countersuit

Exemplary Damages request:

The conduct of Tim Bolen was intentional, willful, wanton, malicious, reckless, grossly negligent and deserving of punishment. Aetna is therefore entitled to exemplary or punitive damages in the maximum amount allowed by law to punish Jones and Cavitat and to deter other similarly-situated persons from engaging in like conduct.

Aetna has filed suit against a device manufacturer who made the mistake of filing a lawsuit accusing Aetna of improperly classifying the Cavitat device as "investigational and experimental." Tim Bolen, acting with his wife, Jan, and their company "JuriMed," have been attempting to promote the business of Cavitat for some time. As Cavitat's agent, Bolen, his wife, and company have engaged in a venal and systematic campaign to attack Aetna and persons whom Cavitat alleges are associated with Aetna, all for the purpose of his making money for himself and the others he has acted in concert with in advancing the baseless claims asserted against Aetna in this lawsuit. Bolen has a history of advocating for the sale of holistic and alternative medical products and concepts and of attacking evidence-based mainstream medicine. He has been "hired," "retained" or "consulted" in the past by attorneys and for individuals accused of medical fraud, malpractice and quackery. He also has provided crisis management services for medical practitioners accused of unethical conduct.

Cavitat, Jones, Bolen and others have engaged in a campaign to intimidate and obstruct testimony of witnesses under subpoena in this case by various means including the posting of false representations on the Internet and physical stalking of witnesses in this case.